The power of Quantities – Why Tiger Woods Modified His Title

I’m absolutely sure Tiger’s mom and dad intended properly whenever they named him Eldrick Tonter Woods. Thankfully for him, and for us, he adjusted his name to Tiger to change your name

The fact is, Eldrick isn’t a name that could have assisted him come to be the legendary golfer he’s now and also the greatest compensated athlete in 2005. When checking out the numbers for your identify Tonter Woods usually are not any superior.

Right before we reach the numerology at the rear of his improved title, say these names out loud: “Tonter Woods.” “Eldrick Woods.” Does one get a experience of confidence and accomplishment? No.

Now say, “Tiger Woods.”

Even without recognizing the quantities for this title, it reeks with energy and assurance.

It’s no coincidence which the numerological vibration to the name Tiger is away from this world. He actually adjusted his existence by taking over that name.

This is why.

Tiger resonates to the magical variety ruling men and women and nations. It presents defense. Equally as importantly for this star athlete, the variety for Tiger provides as much as the vibration befitting a warrior. He couldn’t have questioned to get a greater initially identify.

Introducing the title Woods into the equation gives Tiger a remarkably developed intellect plus a probing mind that seeks and finds solutions. That’s accurately what he’s regarded for “” a person with laser-like focus plus a tireless seeker of data. This range also represents somebody who’s perfectly organized, dependable and extremely preferred.